Terms and Agreements

It is YOUR responsibility to read these rules and abide by them. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Rule 1. Rulings of staff members are final. Do not argue with a staff member in the execution of their duties. If you feel you have been wronged, simply comply with their wishes, and send a petition in to Morta's attention, or email petitions@rpglink.in. Staffers volunteer their time without compensation to keep Enchanted Land a relaxed and fun place to play. Please respect them both on and off-site.


Rule 3. Realm Rating: This realm is rated R for Violence, Drama, and Language ONLY. Please note, however, that excessive use of foul language shall result in a warning. This realm is rated PG-13 for sexual encounters; i.e., flirting, kissing, displays of romance, etc. As stated below there is NO CYBERING!

Rule 4. Cybering: There will be absolutely NO CYBERING in this realm. This is neither in the spirit of the realm nor the environment for such actions. Anyone caught cybering will be banned permanently, there will be no discussion or negotiation. It has come to our attention that some people do not understand what cybering is and what it is not. Cybering is the act of having virtual sexual intercourse which includes the explicit romantic interactions of (usually) two players together. Long story short, the mods do not want to be reading pornography here. No penetration or graphic erotic fondling. This does not mean that you cannot RP romance. It means that you have to be creative and discreet about it. Here are some examples of TASTEFUL intimate RP relations: Romantic: They came together like two droplets of water, melding into something greater than themselves, and then even greater yet as they crested. They hung in that moment... then fell again, dashed apart into two separate entities once more. Playful: Giggling she pulled him into the closet and fumbled around in the dark. The space was so small they kept knocking together, his nose into her shoulder, her elbow into his gut. Each accidental mash up causing laughter and fervent whispers of ‘shhhh, they’ll hear you’. Still fully clothed but now accessible it only took moments to fulfill their mission satisfactorily. Hours of flirting had been enough foreplay and they emerged with ruddy lips and bright eyes only moments after entering. Forceful: The argument had been a doozy and they now stared balefully at each other over the wreckage of the room. Both of them bore marks of battle; skin glistening with sweat, ragged breath heaving between clenched teeth. They were equally matched. A glint of something even more primal shone in their eyes now... and the battleground changed. This time their coming together was no less fierce, but now sizzled with passion as they fought for dominance in another arena. Fingers tangled in hair, teeth nipped at skin hard enough to leave marks... but again, they were too evenly matched. Totally spent, in every way, they lay among the ruins of their temperaments.

Rule 5. Languages: All RP and posts are to be written in the English language for the courtesy of our players and staff. Any characters who speak in other tongues are welcome to use smaller, well known phrases, i.e: Nyet for no, Ay! Caramba for a surprised statement, etc…; however, anything more should be annotated by your choice of punctuation. Most players like to signify that another language is being spoken by both stating it in their post and accompanying the spoken words with brackets: {Language here written in English.} Any Out of Character content, in Doves or otherwise, is to be written in English as well.

Rule 6. We understand that not everyone lives a “perfect” life. There are times when we may need an outlet to our personal issues. Enchanted Land is NOT such a place. Do NOT bring RL issues with other players, other sites, or any other drama to our site.

Rule 7. Not everyone gets along all of the time, and we respect that. To that end, we are confident that there is no player on this site who wishes to be accused of or the recipient of cyber bullying. We will treat any unwarranted attack on a player as such. If you choose not to be civil, we offer both chat ignore and YoM ignore features. Use them.

Rule 8. Commentary, posting, and spamming: With the influx of some great role players, Out of Character comments are now to be confined to the designated Out of Character areas-- YoMs, The Inn in Wintermere and the Hunter’s Lodge. Anyone interrupting with Out Of Character or Real Life comments shall be warned and/or celled. There will be NO SPAMMING on this site. You will be celled for your first offense, banned for 1 week for your second and banned permanently for your third. SPAMMING includes, but is not necessarily limited to: -Going to other sites and posting the URL for this one. -Posting in each village or public place the exact same post. -Posting any link in doves, any village or public place. -The same message sent via doves to more than one person in rapid succession.

Rule 9. Alternate Characters: You are allowed 1 main character and 2 alternate characters here at Enchanted Land! PLEASE use the SAME E-MAIL ADDRESS for any alternates you may create.

Rule 10. DO NOT POACH (ASK) PLAYERS THAT ARE ALREADY IN CLANS TO JOIN YOURS IF YOU MAKE A CLAN If you are caught doing this then you will lose your clan (It will be deleted).

Listed below are the rules, regulations and etiquette regarding Role Play here at Enchanted Land.

Note 1. Personal Information: If you are over the age of 18, it is at your discretion whether or not you share personal information with others; however, for your safety, we strongly suggest you do not give out personal information in YoMs or chats. Your safety is important to us. For all players under the age of 18, sharing personal information IS FORBIDDEN and will result in a warning. Personal information is defined as-- Your full name, first name is fine, your address, phone number, age, or physical description as well as any passwords to accounts and/or personal relationship status.

Note 2. Characters: 1. Mimicry of characters is strictly prohibited. Try to keep your characters as original as is possible. If you are contacted by someone who has the same ideas as you for their character and they are not comfortable with the similarities, you are to attempt to alter your character enough that it is different. For example, you may both still be a similar race, but you may have to alter your character’s general appearance, abilities, or history to make it more your own. If you don’t know how to do this, try talking to the person who contacted you. More often than not, they are gladly willing to try to help you come up with new ideas. There are so many creative minds in Enchanted Land to gain assistance from!

Note 3. Use of copy right material for characters is not allowed. DO: Create a character you based loosely off of something like, say, Anne Rice vampire novels, movies from the medieval about medieval times, or famous dragons! DO NOT: Create a character that has been portrayed in any movie, anime, show, etc. A Scrooge McDuck who’s filthy rich and copes an attitude with anyone who comes within five feet of him is, sadly, copy righted material and not up for grabs. Be original in your creation; exercise your mind. EVERYONE HERE STARTS FROM NOTHING THEN HAS TO BUILD UP YOUR ABILITIES BY RPING (NO GAINING THAT WITH DKS)

Note 4. Following are the punishments that will be dealt if the above Laws of our realm are violated. I. Reprimanding 1. Name-calling or specifically attacking or abusing another player will result first in a temp mute, in which you will be unable to post or YoM for however long the mute is set for. If you are released from the mute and you do so again, you will be Celled for a week. If you are released from the cell and you are caught again, you will be banned. 2. If it is reported that you are spamming or harassing a player via YoMs, or any other means, you will immediately be muted with no questions asked. Depending on the level and length of harassment, you may be muted for any length of time between one to three weeks. Upon a second offense, you will be temp banned, and a third will result in a permanent ban. 3. Any cybering or sexual harassment will result in an immediate permanent ban with no warning. If you try to get around the ban again, you will be permanently banned, again, with no questions asked. This is no place for such content, and we have young players here. We will not tolerate this behavior. 4. If you are contacted by a staff member who is warning you of something you did, or discussing a punishment which is to be dealt, arguing and talking back will only make it worse for you. If you are being punished, then you broke a rule, however unintentionally, and it must be enforced. If you have received warnings before, then punishment may be more immediate or severe. Keep in mind that if you are warned a third time, especially if it is for the same offense, you will be muted for one month. After that, if you reach five warnings, you will be banned. We are very lenient here, and we want you to enjoy your time and continue to play, so be good and follow the rules so that we can all RP in peace! Thank you! ~Staff of Enchanted Land

Note 5. . Godmodding is taking control of another player's character. Whether that be attacking and not giving the player a chance to block or doing something to another player's property without their permission first. Godmod can also be when a player never takes a hit, they always avoid the attacks. Let's face it, no-one is THAT good. Also new characters should not be all powerful at first, you will need to build them up first. Godmod is frowned upon by others, and it is not fun for the other participant(s) who might be trying to develop their characters at a comfortable pace. Please read our player forums for more information on godmodding and metagaming.

Note 6. Finding a bug and exploiting it for your personal gain (this includes using a script to level/DK and to forge) is considered cheating, and will be treated as such. It is strongly recommended that you petition in such a bug. You may be rewarded for doing so. Over-purchasing hitpoints to defeat players in PvP is such an exploit, and is frowned upon. If necessary, we will restrict players from PvP, limit hitpoints, or remove the ability to purchase hitpoints.

Note 7. Fighting is strictly limited to Liagchiorcal, The Dueling City. There shall be no destruction of any structures in any other city on-site. If you throw a tantrum and destroy any other village, structure, or dwelling other than Liagchiorcal, The Dueling City, disciplinary action will be taken.


Note 9. Interaction: 1. There will be no exclusion of others in RP. There has been some misunderstanding where this rule is concerned, so below are examples of things that are NOT considered exclusion: -If two or more people have stated that they are holding their character discussion on the edge of town or in a back alley and yours is lurking the town square, there is no possible way for your character to be able to see/hear them. Do a little research to determine where the people actually are to help further determine whether they may be approached directly or if some work must be put into running in to them. -In a public chat area, if a group is talking and you post that you are simply observing from a distance, it is not likely you will be noticed. You must make it known that you wish to be included whether it be via your character physically approaching a group or via dialogue. -If two characters are on the verge of having a fight/argument, it is not likely that they are going to notice the new person who comes in and seems to be lost. This is not meant to be a slight on the newcomer. They are merely caught up in the passions of war! Hopefully this clarifies the borders between exclusion and non-exclusion for any who were previously uncertain. Remember to keep expectations realistic. Even a realm of fantasy has its laws of physics! When in doubt, request a RP with someone! If you are uncertain how to get involved with those currently playing in the village or you’re eager to get involved with a certain character, never be afraid to Dove that person and request a RP with them. More often than not, they would be more than happy to accommodate your request. Please keep in mind, however, that people are not always available at the time of request and may have to give you a rain check for later. On the other hand, do not continuously pester a person and do not become indignant if they are not able to RP with you when you request. Rude behavior is unacceptable. If you feel you are being purposefully excluded, rather than make a scene that gets yourself in trouble as well, politely inform staff of the indiscretion and the matter will be handled accordingly.

Note 10. Out of Character: 1. PLEASE remember to keep IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) separate! If there is an incident IC, remember that it is only that: IC. Do not take it personally, and do not proceed to Dove the person with your problems. If they actually do something that offends you, it is all right to dove them and make it known that you did not appreciate their action, but do not confuse RP actions with real actions! If you cannot keep IC and OOC separated, it will lead to trouble. Some people just happen to play evil, mean characters; however, this in no way, shape, or form signifies that they, as a player, are evil and mean. 2. As stated before, keep OOC commentary out of RP zones. If you must alert those you are currently playing with that you must leave and have no time to send individual Doves, that is acceptable; however, keep this to a minimum and all conversation to either Doves or the Hunter’s Lodge. 3. Keep all OOC conversations, whether they be RP related or not, both respectful and appropriate for the site. Any hurtful name calling, any attacks on another player—both OOC or if they are stated IC as an OOC attack, and any abuse of another player will result in staff intervention.

Note 11. Godmoding: 1. There is to be absolutely NO GODMODING!! This cannot be stressed enough. To put it simply: No character is invincible. Everyone has weaknesses and no one can solve every single problem. This can make a RP experience rather unpleasant and will cause others to avoid you. 2. No character is omniscient, omnipotent, or any other ‘omni’ you can possibly think of to describe your character. Also keep in mind that you are not your character. Just because you know something, whether it’s about another character or anything in general, doesn’t mean they do too. For further reference, godmoding includes, but is not limited to— -Attacking another player without giving them the option to dodge or deflect -Knowing another character’s name when it was not given by any means -Knowing another character’s weakness when it was not given by any means -Your character is capable of every known ability in the Enchanted Land and then some.

Please make sure you have read all rules and abide by them. There will be no excuses accepted for breaking rules.