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Reign of Darkness RPG
Come join us at Reign of Darkness, an RPG for the serious and mature roleplayer. Vampires, lycans, magic and more. Come and make your own supernatural experience. You're not limited here, let your imagination run wild and free!
Reign of Darkness RPG
Realm of Xythen
Xythen is a text-based roleplay game where Fantasy and `\Technolog`\y intertwine, creating a unique atmosphere for all character types. Help to protect the realm by slaying the Crystal Guardian hiding deep within the Crystal Forest and earn/maintain your place in the Achievement Hall. You can also create and participate in `:st`/ory`:li`/ne a`:rchs to further your character's development. We offer several unique features such as an in game forum, a conversation-style messenger system, a dice rolling system and much, much more! Join today, save the realm from the Crystal Guardians - and make your mark on Xythen.
Realm of Xythen


Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.
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