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Long ago, a kingdom remained in the light and stood strong against the forces of darkness. It was peaceful, beautiful and serene. The prevalence of happiness in the kingdom was very obvious, with Ravencairn, its capital, setting the example for the rest of the kingdom. However, one day, when Cascia©™ came to take over, it had descended into darkness. For many years, the kingdom remained in total darkness but eventually, a little bit of light prevailed, dispersing itself throughout the kingdom. The evil was tempered by the good, and the dark with the light.

This has created what we now know today as the Dark Kingdoms, one of the most diverse kingdoms in the world. Dragons are welcome and actually are revered as important magical beings, living alongside elves, dwarves, trolls, humans, witches, demons and angels. Despite the tensions between the light and the darkness, Cascia©™ has managed to keep peace in her kingdom.

This peace, however, was interrupted by Jormungandr, a large Serpent whose primary goal is to devour the dark kingdom. He has come to lay waste to the kingdom, indiscriminately killing everyone in his path. As much as Cascia©™ and the other Gods have tried, they have not been able to put a stop to Jormungandr’s terrorizing of the citizens.

They will need your help, brave warrior, to slay Jormungandr and bring peace back to the Dark Kingdoms!

Note: Only Cascia and her staff may be Gods.
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