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A Review of the Month..
Dark Goddess Cascia©™2018-05-02 18:37:37

We’d like to thank all of our April donators:
SalvadinRaeclor will be our level 1 Master for the month.

Once the donation goal is met the newday button and find lodge points will be turned on.
Happy Mother’s Day to all mother’s whether in character or in real life.

Ocean Quest Winners are as follows (please petition in for your prize):
Most Trades –
SalvadinRaeclor (10000 gems)
Biggest Fish –
SalvadinRaeclor (5000 gems)
Most by Weight – Astrid (5000 gems)
Most by Number –
Lilyrose (5000 gems)
Please petition in for your gems

March Pyramid Winners were haded Shadows . Come on everyone and give them a run for top spot in the Pyramid race. Prizes for pyramid winners is 10000 gems for first place and it goes to the clan vault.

Prizes for Clan Points are for individuals only and are as follows (You must petition in for the gems):
Clan Point Individual Prizes:
First Place - 100,000 gems - SalvadinRaeclor
Second Place - 50,000 gems - Astrid
Third Place - 25,000 gems - Renae

Clan Point Clan Prizes:
First Place – Deceivers of Virtue (100,000 gems)
Second Place – Shaded Shadows (50,000 gems)
Third Place – Chosen Incarnation (25,000 gems)
Leaders may petition in for the clan prizes.

Happy May to all,
The Staff of Dark Kingdom

Top 10 Clans
Clan NamePoints
Decievers of Virtue5740
Shaded Shadows1375
Chosen Incarnation975

Top 10 Players
Player NamePoints
Elder of Wizardry SalvadinRaeclor1344
Weremouse Astrid613
Savage Huntress Renae519
Knight Rex400

News for Sun, May 27, 2018
Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.


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