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The Faerie Kaia2018-08-08 14:08:13

From the creators of Silverwine, a new site coming soon!!

••Grand Opening of Fables of the Fae••

Present day in the real world, things are going rather average. However, that is until the barrier between the fairy Tale world and the real world was damaged, the Pagemaster opening the veil and all hell breaking loose. Now, fairy tale characters are getting trapped in the real world and humans are getting lost in the fairy tale world.

Will they ever find their way home? Will the veil ever be closed? The only thing that remains intact is their memories, the fae not forgetting who they are. Traveling back and forth between places will not be easy, do you have what it takes to solve this mystery?

Click the image below to make your way to Fables of the Fae or follow the link to arrive!

Click to venture towards FoF

The official opening date is August 12th at 8 PM EST!

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Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.


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